What to Know Before Hiring a Mehndi Artist?

Indian weddings are surely partial without mehndi. It is almost certainly one of the most anticipated ceremonies in Indian weddings. The bride wants to look ideal whether it is the lehenga, hairstyle, or make-up. There is no way the bride is compromising on the mehndi design. Mehndi designs are drawn on the bride’s hands and […]

Mehndi (Henna) – Creating Patterns

Giving a measurement to the idea of creativity and design, Mehndi has swept through the hearts of different foreigners and locals to treat them to the finest of all cultural activities and more of a custom and tradition now. Even though the practice was supposed to have commenced during Egyptian civilization 5,000 years ago when […]

Selecting Mehndi Designs for a Bride

Mehndi is considered mandatory in a wedding; Indian and Pakistani weddings are usually known to be partial without mehndi. Best bridal mehndi patterns reproduce the joy in the marriage ceremony and the same is carefully chosen to beautify the hands of the bride with her sisters and friends. There are particular beauty parlor workers who […]

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